The Singing Rock BUDDY is light and compact tube and with HYPNOS HMS screw gate, Keylock carabiner creates superb unit for belaying in gyms, walls, rock and on mountains.


  • easy manipulation with the rope
  • safe double rope usage
  • easy speed regulation
  • lightweight
  • effectively dissipates heat
  • provides silky smooth rappel
  • separates strands of rope
  • for use with ropes of diameter 7.8 - 11 mm
  • the color of tube in this set always corresponds
    to the color of HYPNOS carabiner's screw lock

Color: mix
Weight: 125 g (total)
Material: light-alloy
Strength: 25 kN


$68.31 X


Vendor: Singing Rock

Type: Hardware

SKU: K6132EE